Board Member Selection Process
Leisure World Computer Center, Inc.
3701 Rossmoor Blvd
Silver Spring, Md 20906

The Board of Directors for the Leisure World Computer Center, Inc. provides governance to the organization, assist in making business decisions, review contracts, plan events, and often much more. The Board of Directors is charged with ensuring that the nonprofit works towards its goals. Selecting a Board of Directors can be a daunting task at first, but by keeping the following steps in mind, we should be able to identify strong board member candidates that with enhance our organization’s mission.

  • Select individuals that share our vision. Running a nonprofit can be an extremely rewarding experience, but the path to that reward is often filled with challenges to overcome. A Board of Directors provides governance to the nonprofit, and supports its efforts throughout some difficult times. Unless the Directors are as invested in the goal of the nonprofit as the founder, they may become discouraged by the roadblocks to accomplishing those goals and therefore be less effective in their role. Those individuals that are acutely aware of the need for your nonprofits services will be in a better position to thoughtfully discuss new ideas and come up with creative solutions to problems.

  • Choose those with relevant experience. Simply being interested in the subject matter of the nonprofit is not enough to make an individual a Director. Choose individuals with special skills or unique viewpoints that can assist the board in making complex decisions. Professionals in business, law, finance, and the arts are all good choices.

  • Identify individuals that are team players. The members of a Board of Directors work together as a ground in order to govern the nonprofit. The individual Directors will all bring unique skills to the Board, but in order for the Board to get any real work done (and have any votes pass), the board members must be able to work together in a professional manner, compromise, and be able to discuss ideas in a polite manner. Avoid choosing board members who you know do not get along, as their interpersonal conflict will likely effect the rest of the board.

  • Choose individuals that can put in the time. Boards of Directors must meet regularly in order to conduct business, share new ideas, and make changes as necessary. The board can only function properly if all members attend the meetings and are willing to put in the time to assist the organization. Serving on a Board of Directors for a nonprofit is a volunteer position, meaning the Directors must be willing to give up some of their free time to assist the nonprofit. Selecting a highly skilled Director that is always busy will often mean that the person will frequently miss meeting and be ineffective within the Board. Choose someone who either has the time to devote to the Board or who is willing to make time while being unpaid for the work.

Step 1
Look for individual that possess the qualities outlined in our Board Members Qualifications Sheet. Once you locate someone please have them review our Board Members Qualifications Requirements and Board Member Job Descriptions Sheet and if they are OK with them, please fill out the Board Member Candidate Information Sheet and attach a copy of their Resume/CV. Then send a copy to each document to the current Board Members for review.

Step 2
Each Board Member will vote Via email (Votes Cc'ed to all Board members) as to their desire to have an interview set up with the candidate. If there is a majority vote then the candidate will be contacted by the President to setup an interview meeting at a mutually agreeable time with the board. This will be a closed meeting.

Step 3
During the interview meeting the candidate will be asked to summarize why they feel they would be a good fit, provide a summary of their history and how it relates to what we are looking for. The board will discuss with the candidate the position they are potentially being considered for and see if it is a good fit for all. After all questions have been answered the Candidate will be asked to leave the meeting room and the Board will vote. If the candidate received a majority vote they will be invited to the next Board Meeting by the president. If the candidate did not receive a majority vote the president will call the candidate to inform them that their becoming a board member was not a good fit and thank them for considering us.