The Leisure world Computer Center, Inc .
has a New Logo and
Contest Winner

August 2017

LWCC Inc., selected Mr. Doug Alexander’s logo submission as the winner of its logo contest. Doug was presented with a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7-Inch Tablet 16 GB, Smoky (Titanium) for his winning submission.

In his thank you letter to the LWCC Inc., Doug stated “I will take this opportunity to mention that I consider the Computer Center to be a significant asset to the Leisure World community at large. I am impressed with how well it is managed and equipped, and it is kept up-to-date. I particularly appreciate having Macs as well as Windows machines, as I like to use both. I also wanted to compliment the Board on the Center’s monitors. The Computer room is generally open for a good part of the day and the monitors are excellent.”
The LWCC Inc., thanks all those who submitted logos for the logo contest. In the near future, the computer center plans to offer some new services.   
        LWCC Inc’s logo as submitted by Doug Alexander.
Pay it forward the Leisure World Way
July 2016

In an effort to improve residents’ quality of life, the Foundation of Leisure World recently donated $30,000 to the Leisure World Computer Center, Inc. with the purpose of making the Computer Learning Center (CLC) in Clubhouse 2 a state-of-the-art facility.

Computer Center board of directors president David Merritt said the modernized facility would be staffed and monitored by resident volunteers who will conduct educational classes with the intent of encouraging and teaching fellow residents at every level of computer competency. The center is expected include high-speed internet that is five times faster than its current speed, as well as high-quality laser printers and scanning capabilities.
Merritt said that after evaluating the technological needs of the community for the past nine months, the Computer Center board of directors drafted a
proposal to purchase upgraded hardware and software, including computers, printers and keyboards. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization faced with the challenge of obtaining funding for these upgrades and enhancements, the board decided to take their proposal to the Foundation of Leisure World, also a self-sustaining non-profit. The board presented a proposal outlining solutions to the center’s aging infrastructure, which had gone nearly a decade without a major upgrade.

After considerable discussion, the Foundation of Leisure World’s board of directors accepted 100 percent of theproposed funding request, recognizing the invaluable services the CLC provides to residents. More than 4,300 visits to the CLC were recorded last year, a number likely to increase as more and more residents come to expect easy access to computer, internet and other technology services. Furthermore, the Foundation did not believe the center could be modernized in installments, given the interconnectivity of the computers and other equipment.

The $30,000 grant represents a significant portion of the assets of the Foundation, which is not funded by Leisure World Management
Corporation or Leisure World Community Corporation and relies entirely on tax-exempt donations from residents in order to respond to the needs
of the community. Donations can be dropped off at the E&R offices in both clubhouses.

The Computer Center was formed in 1992 and tasked with providing residents with opportunities to participate in formal computer educational activities for the purposes of professional learning and personal growth. Merritt said he is grateful to the Foundation of Leisure World for making the vision of a newly upgraded CLC a soon-to-be reality.

Nothing to Fear, and
Lots to Look Forward To
August 2016

Any residents suffering from technophobia (a “fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices and especially computers,” according to Merriam-Webster) can get treatment for what ails them at the Computer Learning Center in Clubhouse 2.

The center is routinely staffed with volunteer monitors whose expertise can put technophobes at ease as they navigate Mac and Windows. Drop-ins are welcome, and the volunteers love to meet visitors and assist with their technology needs.

During open hours, any resident can come in and check email, print out a boarding pass, print out copies of a resume or just surf the web for fun and keep up on the latest news and events of the day.

Those who are interested in volunteering can let any monitors on duty know, and they will be glad to help with signing up.

New President
The Computer Center’s board of directors recently elected a new president, David Merritt. He brings years of technological expertise to the center as a former IT manager and subject matter expert in the technology field.

One of his first goals is to replace the center’s old equipment with new, state of the art computers and high-quality laser printers using a recent grant from the Foundation of Leisure World.

He is also ardently aiming to provide easy access in the center to people with disabilities so they can feel comfortable and able to freely use the center’s technology.

Looking Ahead
The center also is planning premium training classes, which may occasionally charge nominal fees. But most hands-on, one-to-one help and educational training will be free to Leisure World residents.
For more information about classes or becoming a volunteer at the center, visit our website (, which is being completely redesigned over the next few months.