Contest rules to help design a new Logo for the Leisure World Computer Center, Inc
The Leisure World Computer Center, Inc., is sponsoring a contest open to Leisure World residents to design a logo for the corporation. A logo is needed to use on our official correspondence, letterhead and website. The winning submission will be awarded a prize of a Samsung Tablet valued at $299.00. The contest is now open and closes on January 31, 2017 at 9:00 PM.

While the corporation was formed in 1992, it no longer is just a computer center where residents may utilize computers, access the internet and receive computer training. The corporation has expanded into the technology world that includes both Microsoft and Apple computers. We now provide support for tablets and cell phones including smart phones. Technology training will also be enhanced to cover a variety of areas that have emerged with the growth of the technology.
Logo submissions must be hand delivered to E&R at Clubhouse 2 in a sealed envelope addressed to the Computer Center Logo Contest. Please include your name and a contact email address and or telephone number with your submission. Questions may be directed in writing to John Feldmann (Treasurer).

The winning submission will be announced on the Leisure World Computer Center, Inc. website  ( on February 24, 2017. All submissions become the final property of the Leisure World Computer Center, Inc. Submissions must be original ideas, and the use any clip art, photographs or other media must be free of copyright protection. In the event that a winner is not selected by February 24, 2017, the contest may be extended to allow additional submissions to be made. Board Members of the Leisure World Computer Center, Inc are prohibited from submitting an entry.

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